Teacher Center


Teachers can set up classes in the Teacher Center to view assessment and lesson review results for individual students as well as cumulative class scores. Teachers are also able to assign lesson reviews and assessments to one or more students.

1. Click “Add a class” and either manually add students’ names or import a .CSV file with a list of students’ names.

2. Click on a student’s name or “View Reports” to see a list of assessments or lesson reviews students have taken. Teachers are able to display a student’s scores for both assessments and the lesson review.

3. Select a student’s name to view assessment scores. Add a score for open response questions or view correct and incorrect questions. Sort the information shown in the table by clicking on Lesson Name and Time/Date Taken headings at the top of the table. Another option is to delete the assessment or lesson review from a student’s record.

4. Assign an assessment to one or more students with the “Assign Lesson Reviews and Assessments” link. Navigate the menu of lesson reviews by lesson or assessments for lessons, units, and the full site.

5. Click on a lesson button to go to the assign page. Select the format of the assessment or lesson review to assign and select an entire class or individual students as recipients. Printable assessments may be customized in the .doc and .docx formats provided and distributed to classes without simultaneous access to computing devices. Print the assessment or assessment key through the links at the bottom. Note: student scores for assigned printable assessments may be manually entered and saved.