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Science Power uses extensive multimedia—including interactive animations, videos, illustrations, and photos—to teach upper elementary-age children core science concepts. Each lesson in the site is paired with an experiment, extension activity, critical thinking questions, quizzes, and websites to amplify the content of the lesson and promote learning.

1. Students can sign in to the Student Center to take lesson reviews and assessments that evaluate their mastery of the material. Click on the Assessments button to access all of the pre- and post-assessments for the site.

2. Science Power content is grouped into six units: Living Things, Ecosystems, Earth, Weather & Space, Matter, and Forces & Energy. Click on any of the colorful buttons to view a list of the lessons in that unit. Search lessons by curriculum standards for your state or province or grade level, or by textbook.

3. Learn more about contemporary and long-famous names in science through our Featured Scientist section. Click on the arrows at the left and right of the feature box to skim the selection—or click on the image or text shown to view a full biography of the scientist of your choice.

4. Ask a Scientist is an engaging look at some of our users’ most pressing scientific questions. Submit your questions for our team of experts around the world through the link at the bottom of every page.

5. The Science Lab is your location for easy access to the Extension Activities, Experiments, Critical Thinking Questions, and Graphic Organizers. Click on any of these links to view a full listing of the site’s content for that component.