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Article Page

1. Article contents are displayed in the left-hand column in a collapsible outline format, with the initial section expanded.

2. The Tools box includes options for the user to print, e-mail, and save the article (in HTML and PDF formats). Users can also save content to their "My Research" folder. The default article view is by section; click the "View full article" link to see the entire article on one page. Click the "Highlight search term in text" to view the occurrences of the search term in the article; the display will move to the first occurrence. Translate and Read-aloud functionality are added with select subscription packages.

3. The Related Information box lists all of the content related to the article shown, including other encyclopedia articles, study questions, book lists, Back in Time articles, Special reports, periodical articles, editor-selected Web sites, images, and interactive maps.

4. Related primary source, e-book, and literary criticism content is hand-selected by editors to ensure maximum relevancy to the encyclopedia article.

5. Link to related Digital Libraries for in-depth content from online versions of World Book's multivolume sets.

6. The Content Standards box shows correlations from the encyclopedia article to the userís state or provincial curriculum standards (where available).



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