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Article Page

1. Article contents are displayed in a drop-down menu at the top right of the article page.

2. The Tools box is a drop-down menu that includes options for the user to print, e-mail, and save the article (in HTML and PDF formats). You can also view citations, translate the text, toggle text-to-speech, highlight a search term, adjust text size, and view info. The default article view is the single page view; click the "Section view" link to view the article by section.

3. The Related Information tab lists all of the content related to the article shown, including primary sources, more encyclopedia articles, books, Back in Time articles, Special Reports, websites, magazine articles, content standards, and questions.

4. Images, Videos, and Audio in World Book Student include hundreds of videos and animations, covering topics in all curriculum areas, as well as thousands of images and illustrations, maps, and sounds.



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