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My Research

World Book Discover’s My Research page is based on individual log-in and IDs set up by the user. A "forgot my password" function is available to help users who have lost their passwords.

1. World Book articles, images, life skills activities, Web sites, and timelines can be saved to a user’s My Research page. The list of content types will display in the left-hand column.

2. The Tools box at the top of the page includes options to print, e-mail, and save the content of the My Research page.

3. The My Research page features a personalized welcome message.

4. Create multiple folders within your My Research account, to organize saved content for separate projects. Select other projects from the drop-down menu to the right of the project title.

5. Content saved from World Book Discover will display at the top of the My Research page; content links in other sites within your World Book subscription will be listed at the bottom of the page.

6. Users can delete entries, and can annotate each content piece with a note—a reminder, a detail to follow up on later, or other information to save for later reference.

7. Images from World Book Online can be saved to a user’s My Research page.

8. Users can enter bibliographic information about books they've found in their research.

9. Users can add Web sites for sites they've found in their research.

10. Citations created from the Citation Builder can be saved to My Research pages.


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