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In Academic World Book, users can build their own timelines or view timelines prepared by World Book editors on important events and topics throughout history.

The homepage offers two choices:

1. Browse World Book’s fully customizable timelines by category or date range or choose My Timelines to access timelines you’ve created and saved to your Research Portfolio account.

2. Create your own timeline by searching the World Book database for events, writing custom event descriptions, or a combination of the two.

When viewing a timeline, you can click and drag events around to appear however you wish, and scroll through the timeline by clicking on the timeline bar and dragging with the mouse. You can also select the edit wheel on the bottom right corner of each event to view the Event Editor or the information button at the top right of each event to view the Event Card.

3. The Event Editor allows users to edit each event individually. Users can color-code events, edit the start and end date, and modify each event’s short description. There’s also an optional “notes” section to add explanatory text to each event, which will appear on the Event Card.

4. The Media tab on the Event Editor gives users the option to add, delete, or change the default image on each event. When adding media, users have the option to search World Book images, upload new media, or view the media they’ve already uploaded and saved to a Research Portfolio account.

5. Each event features an expandable Event Card for in-depth exploration of each event’s notes and full-sized images.


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